Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pitt-Philly Game 3: Predictions

-Pittsburgh will get more penalties than Philadelphia

-Danny Carcillo will do one thing that's completely retarded.

-Jeff Carter will get a goal.

-Evgeni Malkin will tally an assist and then get chased by angry villagers back to his castle.

-Martin Biron will make at least one Philadelphian scream, "Whatsa matta with yous, guy?"

-My brother will call me to talk about this game and say, "He's a Philly cheesesteak kinda guy," at least once. He's an idiot.

-Sidney Crosby will breathe through his teeth when giving an interview and piss people off.

-My Ducks fan roommate will walk by the TV and say, "Is that Dan Bylsma?" I'll reply, "Yep," and he'll say, "He fucking sucked."

-A Thrashers fan will watch Braydon Coburn drive the puck up the ice and flip it to a forward for a great scoring opportunity; that fan will then set himself on fire. No, not himself, Alexei Zhitnik. He'll set Alexei Zhitnik on fire.

-Marc-Andre Fleury will play well once again (Isn't it weird that he even looks like a poor man's Roberto Luongo?)

-The Flyers will match up Jeff Carter with Malkin's line and Richards with Crosby's and it will prove fairly effective; Danny Briere's line will match up with Jordan Staal's and play even

-The Flyers will win, 3-2

I guess I should have predicted that this game would be fun as fuck, because that would definitely have come true. Jesus.

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  1. Hahaha the Zhitnik line was my favorite but the Philly cheesesteak line was pretty damn good, too. Great stuff Rudy.