Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Five Questions: Pensburgh (Penguins)

(When we were mulling over making an outside-the-BoC-blog, our dreams of starting a Penguins blog were pretty quickly dashed when we saw the Pens-o-gosphere. How could we match the humor and Photoshop glee of Pensblog or the hard working, totally awesome stuff coming from Pensburgh? Let's not even get into the other great Penguins blogs. Needless to say, we decided a regular NHL blog would be a wiser choice. Thankfully, people like Frank D of Pensburgh have been willing to provide their Penguins thoughts for our humble little blog. Make sure to follow our SBN cousin for all things Fleury, Crosby, Malkin and more.)

1. What will the Pens need to do to beat the Flyers?
Win, but I think I'll elaborate for you a bit. Pitt has to stick to its game plan and not adapt for the Flyers' sake. The Penguins didn't go on a ridiculously hot win-streak for nothing. They have to keep with what works - aggressive forecheck, a lot of shots and keeping able-bodied forwards in front of the net.

2. What would need to happen for the Flyers to win?
Lose. In all honesty the Pens need to stay strong on the PP and not allow guys like Mike Richards to pester them when THEY have the man advantage. He is dangerous on the PK and needs to be contained and/or avoided all together. Pitt also can't afford to take stupid penalties that in turn allows Philly to put their PP out there. Way too many guns in the Philly lineup.

3. Fan Favorite
While some may be split over a favoritism for Malkin or Crosby, a lot of people would agree one guy is the all-time fan favorite. Max Talbot grows a pretty wicked playoff beard and has the personality to go with it. He's your prototypical "locker room guy" and all around character.

4. Your team's Goat-to-Be
Hard to say right now because it's not really known what Miroslav Satan's role will be in the playoffs. If he's starting on the third or fourth line I think a lot of people will have their doubts. He wasn't demoted to the minors for nothing and will really have to put in a supreme effort if he wants to shed that image.

5. Top storyline
Godard vs. Cote was the regular season storyline, but I guess a carryover into the postseason all depends whether the teams will actually dress their enforcers. Outside of that it's definitely a Crosby vs. Richards, Biron vs. Fleury, Philly fans vs. Pittsburgh fans sort of series. Bound to be intense.

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